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The #NetBSD channel on IRCnet now has its very own place in cyberspace!

NetBSD is a free, secure, and highly portable Unix-like Open Source operating system available for many platforms, from large-scale server systems to powerful desktop systems to handheld and embedded devices. Its clean design and advanced features make it excellent in both production and research environments, and the source code is freely available under a business-friendly license. NetBSD is developed and supported by a large and vivid international community. Many applications are easily available through pkgsrc, the NetBSD Packages Collection.

About this Blog

Hello folks,

this text explains what this Blog is all about. First and foremost it’s about the Chatchannel #NetBSD in IrcNET.

At one point i asked in #NetBSD if a community driven Blog would be useful, and noone said yes. So i made it reality.

You can login and create postings (at first they are modereted, however, regulars in #NetBSD get a proper status in no time). You can let us know whats new, hot and tricky. If you have ideas for this Blog we try to turn them into reality.

I hope we all have fun and can establish in this Blog the very same enviroment we all enjoy in #NetBSD.

Thats it for now,

Karsten Kruse (tecneeq)

Answers for Authors

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Q: A new post needs several seconds until i get the ok-page, why?
A: We submit the URL to the new posting to several Websites. That needs time.

Q: My first posting is not visible at the frontpage, why is that?
A: If you register you are a User with Level 1. You need Level 6 to post without moderation. Talk to someone with Level 7 to promote you and approve your posting. If you are regular in #NetBSD/IrcNET that takes no time. If you aren’t it may take a day or so.

Q: My Posting is very long, what can i do to shorten it on the Frontpage?
A: Add <!–more–> after some lines and on the Frontpage appears a link that leads to the full Text.

Q: How do i insert Code?
A: Add <pre><code> before and </code></pre> after your code.

facom toolboxes

Whether it is small household jobs, the assembly of furniture or constructions or a site that you undertake yourself, the Facom toolbox appears to be an essential set. The goal: to have all the tools you need to get out of most situations on hand. Screwdrivers with multiple bits, hammer, adjustable wrenches, ratchet handle, wire cutters, tape measure or laser or even hacksaw or wood saw are among the tools usually found in a good toolbox. But this set of accessories has specific needs, and if you only do light DIY from time to time, you don’t necessarily need a big facom toolbox. This is why it is interesting to look at the The offer is very wide, both in terms of content and price: Facom or Stanley toolboxes are renowned, but they are not the only ones on the market. The various references cited in our selection should allow you to see more clearly, and to find the model of toolbox that suits you best.

boite a outils facom bi-matiere

How to choose the right Facom toolbox?

To choose your toolbox correctly, you must already determine what type of handyman you are: your needs are occasional and reveal the essential? Opt for a toolbox that contains the most common accessories such as hammer, screwdriver, adjustable pliers… all with a small footprint. If you are the type who often repairs things, or builds them yourself, then it is worth checking out a more complete toolbox, containing various adjustable wrenches, a spirit level, a saw and more. tools dedicated to specific uses. And, of course, if you’re also DIYing your car, consider choosing a model that contains some mechanical related tools, like ratchets, for example. The size is also a criterion to be taken into account, because you have to have room to store a toolbox! A small facom model will be easier to store in a cupboard, while if you have a large garage, you will be able to store a large model of facom toolbox. You also have to think about it.

Comparison of the best FACOM tool boxes

Every good handyman must have a toolbox to neatly store his work accessories. These cases allow them both to protect their tools and to find them easily during use. To do this, they must be solid, suitable for the tools used and particularly functional.

How to choose the right model? We propose to help you from this article to find the toolbox that sui

The Facom BT.11PG toolbox is a model well known to experienced DIY enthusiasts. Particularly strong with its steel design, riveted cover and anti-deformation reinforcements, this toolbox is all about durability. Also very practical, it is composed of 5 compartments that can accommodate small and large tools. Note that the different boxes are made of foam in order to protect your tools from shocks when traveling.

sac boite a outils facom

Also at Facom, the BS.T20PG textile toolbox is a very good alternative. Designed in a flexible and resistant fabric, it is practical, comfortable and robust, able to support up to 15 kilograms. Numerous storage compartments such as internal and external pockets allow more freedom in the organization of equipment. Note that the hold is made of rigid polypropylene in order to protect your tools from shocks that may be caused during transport. The storage bag can be carried via its chrome-plated aluminum handle or as a shoulder strap with a cushion at the shoulder for more comfort.

How to choose the right toolbox?

Choose your tool storage according to your needs

The choice of your tool kit depends closely on your needs. Indeed, it is the tools you use that must determine the storage box you will buy. So, you first need to determine which tools you plan to put in the case. It is essential that all your accessories can fit inside. It is even advisable to choose a model that will allow you to store more if you plan to complete your tools. In short, your toolbox must ensure the necessary capacity so that you can put all your DIY accessories.

The dimensions of the toolbox

Once you have determined the tools to store in the storage box, take into account the dimensions of the latter. If your briefcase is meant to stay in your garage or workshop, a roll-away maid will definitely fit you. It is equipped with many drawers where you can store your many tools. Also, if the location of your crate is narrower than in a garage, you will need to buy a compact box that is easy to store. Note that there are boxes that only require a small space in your car. However, it is above all a solution to keep only the bare minimum for your work. It is particularly designed for operations requiring frequent movement

The materials of the toolbox

Apart from the dimensions of the box, you must take into account the materials of manufacture. These are closely linked to the robustness of your box and therefore the longevity of your tools. In particular, there are metal tool cases. Most of them are very resistant and relatively practical. They will surely protect your accessories from possible shocks. In addition, they offer several compartments so that you can store all your tools while allowing you to find your way around easily. Only downside, their metal design makes it a heavy box.

As for plastic boxes, they are lighter and particularly resistant to bad weather. Moreover, they are strongly recommended for outdoor work. Most of these tool boxes are easy to handle. They are both practical and versatile since they are available on several models. In short, the two materials available on the market are both interesting. Nevertheless, it is essential to determine the end use of your boxes and choose the one that suits you best.

Locking systems and transport

Finally, take the time to check the locking system of the toolbox. It must be particularly reliable to avoid any unforeseen openings. This could damage both your tools and your storage box. Make sure that the locking system of your case can withstand the weight of your tools. For this, choose models with a robust system that will not let you go during transport. Note that there are tool boxes including casters so that you can easily transport your accessories without fear that the closure system will come loose or break.

NetBSD on iBook G3 ?

Anyone running NetBSD on an iBook G3 ?
i get one of this machine from a friend ( who claim that OSX is too hard for him.. ) and he give it to me, i don’t like OSX. so i was googling a bit, searching for some info on how to install NetBSD into this ibook and is getting hard to find some usable documentation. anyone with good links ?

can be published in the wiki !! ☺

Hackathon 5: Documentation Hackathon

During the next weekend the fifth NetBSD hackathon will take place. This time, the hackathon will concentrate on NetBSD’s online documentation, with a focus on converting old .list files to DocBook/XML.

This is an excellent chance for NetBSD users to contribute to the project. The task itself is not too difficult, virtually everyone can help. So, take a little time for NetBSD this weekend, join #netbsd-code on irc.freenode.org and get started! ;)

Boite a outils Facom

Linux Infotag Augsburg 2020

The Linux Infotag took place in Ausburg, Germany, yesterday.It’s a small and nice event with very friendly people who are all interested in Linux.. However, the BSDs had the biggest booth - we ruled them all :) (if you like to say so).
I gave a talk about pkgsrc on Linunx and Solaris. It was very succesful and lead to a lively discussion afterwards. I took a few pictures of the event which can be found here (link). The slides for the presentation can be found here (link - German). If you are from southern Germany make sure to attend it next time. We need more people for the booth!

NetBSD as alternative to Desktop Linux on lowend hardware?

NetBSD can be a fast alternative to a regular SuSE or Mandriva installation on low spec hardware. At least someone called “pinderkent” thinks so. The problem i see: most people are too weak to use NetBSD, they don’t know how to handle it. Not everyone is born to drive a Ferrari, sometimes it is better to stick with a Volkswagen ;).

Feb 4th, 07